Food & Drinks

Our Company provides premium menu 3 meals a day on your trip by considering all the different features during your climb.

Our Kilimanjaro Menu is designed to ensure all meal intake matches your level of exertion, we will provide you with a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetable and when your altitude could start to feel nauseous and loosing appetite the meals prepared at high altitude and usually contain more carbohydrates and protein to help you to digest your food.

All your meals during your climb Kilimanjaro will be fresh and prepared by our professional cooks and food will be carried by porters that will be with you during your Kilimanjaro climb trip.


Stream Thai rice, Tea, Drinking Chocolate, Milo, Coffee, Biscuit, Milk, Fruits, Oath porridge, Fried eggs, Coffee, Biscuits, Sausage,


A typical lunch is cheese, Bread, crackers, peanut butter and jam or honey, Bustard, potatoes, chips or Chevda, canned fish, Fruit, peanuts, cashews, or cookies. On shorter hiking days we will have lunch in camp with hot drinks, soup, cheese, sandwiches, vegetable sticks, and cookies.


Dinner is served buffet style inside the mess tent, beginning with soup and bread or crackers, and followed by a main course of rice with stew or curry, or pasta with sauce, cooked vegetables, or salad and potatoes. Desert and hot drinks follow the main course.

Kitonga Tours with our professional cooks during the climb we using Olive Oil to prepare the food, Olive Oil and others vegetable Oils has more benefits are its low levels of saturated Fat and high levels of unsaturated Fat. Minimizing the intake of saturated fat has been shown to lower cholesterol and therefore reduce the potential for heart disease.

Kitonga Tours we recommend our clients to bring some of your own trail snacks to eat especial for your summit night, you can bring some supplementary comfort foods such as candy, gum chocolate, health bars or powdered energy drinks. We can organize vegetarian and vegan meals and for those with special diet please contact us to discuss what we can arrange for your memorable trip as per your preference.


Water we use on Kilimanjaro climb is collected from mountain stream and we filtering them and we treat the water with water guard water purification tablet, water is provided only at the campsite so you need to carry enough water usually about 3 liters or more a day to stay hydrated during your Kilimanjaro climb.