Tanzania camping safaris

Tanzania camping safaris – the best way to experience nature at is best, the advantage of Tanzania camping Safaris is that, you will spend overnights inside the park so you will have full days for animal viewing, the parks are open from 06:00 am to 06:00 pm so the choices are yours time wise increasing the chances of seeing the big 5 where Elephants and buffaloes will be among the first animals to welcome you to the park on the first day of your visit while lions require no effort to find them, the Rhinos are residents inside the Ngorongoro crater making it possible to be seen while leopards can be seen in Serengeti being powered by our efforts to find them and a little bit of luck. All of our camping Safaris are none driving mileage tours between the locations you will be visiting. Our safari cars are equipped with radio calls making it easy to locate the animals by getting in touch with our other safari drivers.


 Tanzania camping safaris.

You will be staying in public campsites, located inside the parks or on private campsites located on the outer edge. The campsites in the parks are not fenced we only pitch the tents on the camping grounds and usually you may see elephants roaming between the tents or the antelopes knocking on your way to the washrooms.

Our camping accommodations are provided in spacious pop-up tents in which the mattresses are laid on the built in ground sheet, the tents are waterproof each can accommodate 2 persons in and all the tents are with built-in mosquito nets at the entrances and windows to keep off insects. 5 cm thick sleeping mattresses are provided for each client in a shared or private tent. Tanzania camping safaris.

All preparations at the camp are made by camp crew on arrival at the campsite. Guests are welcome to help to set up the tents. There are toilets with running water at each campsites, the solar power is available at every campsite for lights and electronic recharging. Our safari vehicles also are equipped with complete charging system to enable you charge the cameras throughout the safari. All of our camping safaris’ equipment such as tables and safari chairs, mattresses and cooking utensils are provided. Our camping equipment is of higher quality, frequently checked and tuned-up. You will only have to bring soaps and fragrant. The camp grounds are shared by groups usually from different countries and companies; you will enjoy your dinner in the dining hall or at the camp fire outside while making some fans with friends or enjoying your personal wine or beers. Tanzania camping safaris.

While on your Tanzania camping safaris you will be accompanied by a trained safari cook who will be cooking for our entire guest. He will make all preparations of all meals including a packed lunch boxes for a picnic lunch so you will not drive back to the camp for lunch instead you will spend the full days for animal viewing. Early morning eggs, sausages, coffee and bread, snacks, evening’s stews and salads are all prepared for you by the safari cook, Kitonga Tours cooks can make delicious 3-course meals in the wilderness using only a cooking gas and sharp knife… so you just relax and enjoy your holiday. We use professional, quality camping equipment and food is plentiful and delicious. 

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