Mkomazi National Park

Mkomazi National Park is located 6km from Same town, It was established as a National Park in 2008. Formerly was a Game Reserve since 1951, it covering an area of 3,245square km. The name ‘Mkomazi’ is a combination of two words from the Pare ethnic language; “Mko and Mazi”.   “Mko” means a traditional tiny wooden spoon used by the Pare people for eating and “Mazi” means water. This implies that water in the Park is hardly enough to fill up the wooden spoon.

Mkomazi National Park lies along the edge of a semi-arid savanna arc that stretches into Kenya’s Tsavo West, falling into the Mkomazi-Tsavo Ecosystem, which is the second largest trans-boundry ecosystem in East Africa after the famous Serengeti – Maasai Mara.

Umba River on Mkomazi’s south eastern border and other water holes are the main source of water in this park. The common wild animals in this park including silver backed jackal, lion, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, buffalo, elephant and zebra, with the rare gerenuk, lesser kudu and fringe-eared Oryx easily sighted. There is a sanctuary for the endangered black rhino and another one for the wild dog created within the national park to protect these rare species. The Mkomazi Rhino Sanctuary has attained international renown for rehabilitating rhino, and it offers viewing and educational opportunities for visitors. Mkomazi is a fascinating destination for bird watchers, boasting more than 450 species of birds including some Eurasian migratory species.

Mkomazi can be visited throughout the year, with late June to early September best for large mammal and bird watching.


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